Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mindfield Cemetery

Bear with me here as I'm going back in time to the beginning of May when I stumbled upon Mindfield Cemetery in Brownsville, TN. Located along SR-54 directly west of the historic downtown square, this metal monument appeared out of the blue as my coworkers and I headed through Brownsville on the way to Covington in West Tennessee.

At first glance we thought it was some strange kind of electric substation, but as we neared it, it quickly became apparent that we had stumbled on to a welded oddity that cannot be explained with words.

Apparently, artist Billy Tripp began this memorial in 1989 and continues to add on to it until he dies. Upon his death, it will become the site of his internment. It also serves as a memorial to his mom and dad.

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  1. I think John & I may take our honeymoon here, especially if we end up homeless this week.