Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bald River Falls

Bald River Falls, TN - this is the view from the road

Located a few miles up the Cherohala Skyway from Tellico Plains, TN is Bald River Falls. Bald River Falls is the ultimate "drive-by" waterfall.  You don't even have to get out to see the falls.  I was witness to this fact as multiple SUV and mini-van loads of fairly large individuals simply drove by, spied the falls, took a picture or two, then turned around and headed back the way they came.

Believe It Or Not: that's a deep pool of water (note the overflow
in the foreground is essentially a "spillway")

If you're actually in to getting out of your car and seeing things closer-up, you're in for a treat.  Take the trail to the top of the falls and you'll find a nice, deep pool where you can go swimming.  To me this is fairly unusual as you usually only find the deep pools of water at the BOTTOM of the falls.  But not at Bald River Falls.  There is a nice natural dam that contains the pool and provides a natural defense against accidentally being pulled over the falls.

Where you don't want to be swimming - Bald River just moments
from plunging over the main waterfall.

If you find yourself in southeastern Tennessee, it's well worth your time to make a quick stop to Bald River Falls, hike to the top and stick your feet in (or jump all the way in) and enjoy all that good positive ion goodness that only comes from fast moving water.

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